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Who We Are ?

Al Sahel football club is one of the most talented players club under the government of Ajman sports ministry and registered with UAE football association.

Al Sahel FC is one of the best Middle-East’s training center and world wide camping facilities football club.

Al Sahel Football Club is a grassroots youth sports organisation for all ages steeped in mentorship, skill development, personal growth, and building the decision-makers and leaders of future . Through their mutual spirit of love to football, coaches and young athletes commit to working hard every day, improving their technique, and, most of all, nurturing young minds to flourish into valuable members of society. From enthusiastic practice sessions to high-tempo selections, brain training (braining), and adopting eco-friendly initiatives as well as charity campaigns to help the underprivileged, Al Sahel FC prides itself on teamwork, humility, and a strong work ethic.

Our Concept

Al Sahel Football is a team sport; therefore it can’t be played on own. Each moment regardless of its nature must be shared with other individuals called team-mates. For instance, scoring a beautiful goal or losing in penalties of a competition.Win or lose! We are all in it together. Like a family and as a tribe! We are there for each other in happy & tough times!

What "Al Sahel Family” means for players:

Support team-mates & know that they’ll support you too.Respect club’s values and promote it both on & off the pitch.Be there for the younger players and respect the older ones.Solve problems if you can or help coaches resolve it.Count on Al Sahel Family’s help & support any time you need.

FootBall Envoriment

Football has evolved, it’s much faster than ever before. Players are required continuously to fulfil their duties on the pitch as the success of a team is directly connected to its collective play. Superstars sometimes shine their involvement in their team’s victory however is not as visible as before. The productivity level of a team & the non-verbal communication of its members will most of the time define its success. At Al Sahel Academy we want our teams to play within a specific style. Whether its Brazil, Spain, Pep Guardiola, Messi, Ronaldo… all of them have one thing in common! That’s playing “Beautiful Football”! The term “Beautiful Football.”, should be embedded in our mentality the same way as “Strive to progress”.

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